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Preschool Material

Preschool Programme



These two kits teach children between the ages of 3-5 years the skills required to commence learning to read.

They are fun and will satisfy the demand for small children to �have their own work�.

The complete programme, which will last 12-18 months is cheaper than a year at pre-school and provides more work.


It teaches the following skills:

          Naming and identifying colours

          Right to left progression

          Drawing with detail

          Neat and accurate scissor cutting

          Catching and throwing

          Memory aids

          Following instructions



          Finding hidden objects

          Navigating mazes

          Maths concepts

          Same and different

          Introduction of sounds

          Pre-writing skills


          Cooking and many more.


The pictures are large and no assumption is made of existing pre-knowledge. A great deal of craft is included. A parent�s instruction book is also included outlining the concepts being taught, material needed and gives easy to follow instructions. All items may be bought individually.


Your child will not be able to do every sheet perfectly. The sheets are intended to give practise in different skills. Learning to cut out, for example, is a matter of practise. Children generally make a lot of mistakes while they are learning. Extra paper has been included in the art pack to cover the mistakes.


Among the incidental skills that your child will learn are following instructions, and being able to sit and work for increasingly longer periods�gradually up to 30 minutes at a time.Some small children can only sit for 5 minutes at a time while others will sit for up to half an hour. Both are normal.


The sounds are intended as an introduction only. The child does not need to learn them yet. The exercises Have been written to help the child to start listening to the sound prior to learning to read.


Once the two kits are successfully completed your child will be ready to begin the Phonics Kits.


Art Pack

The Art pack contains most of the art materials required to complete the activities and to reduce the cost and inconvenience to the parent of trying to purchase items separately in small quantities.


Once the child has completed all the pre-reading work and at least Beginning Maths they will be ready to begin the learning to read programme by purchasing Phonics Kit 1.



Pre-Reading Activities 1

120 sheets,

120 individual activities introducing concepts including: red, blue, green, yellow, brown, orange, black, pink, grouping, belongs together, drawing straight lines, smaller, larger, scissor skills, shapes, position, size, different from, same as, following instructions, colouring by number, co-ordination skills, rhythm, observation, problem solving, matching, symmetry, listening and copying actions, assembling patterns, growing things, cooking, patterning, painting, stenciling, collage, learning the alphabet, threading, days of the week, rhyming and listening skills. Where the activity requires it the sheet has been printed on card.


Pre-Reading Activities 2

120 individual activities introducing concepts including: introduction of single sounds with activities that correspond and a nursery rhyme or poem, mazes, shapes, games, painting activities, paper aeroplane, dot-to-dot, colours, shopping with money up to 10c�cardboard coins included, bigger than, smaller than, weather, drawing curved lines, cutting skills, making animals, making puppets, pre-writing practice, colour by number, same and different, sequencing, making shapes, poems and more. Where the activity requires the sheet has been printed on card.

 Available soon


Art Pack for the Pre-Reading Kits 1 & 2

Contains all the material you will need for the two activity kits including: 30 A3 sheets coloured paper, 45 A4 sheets coloured paper, 20 sheets white cartridge paper, 35 kindergarten squares, 5 sheets tissue paper, wool, magnets, pipe cleaners, card�white, green, silver, gold, split pins, matchsticks�coloured and plain, glitter in gold, silver, red, green, sticky shapes, blank jigsaws, 2 paper bags (for puppets), glitter stars, bug bodies, mosaic squares, doily, paperclips, hat elastic, large and small bead pom poms, needle (plastic) for threading, scrapbook, cotton wool, paper plates, felt, eyes�small and large, icypole sticks, patty pans, counters, buttons, heads,


Beginning Maths

This replaces Signpost K as it provides far more practice in writing and counting the numbers 1-10. 120 individual worksheets introducing: writing and counting to 10, heavy or light, not the same, position, sorting objects, 2D shape, matching, light and dark, morning and afternoon, belongs together, long and short, more than, less than, yesterday, today, tomorrow, shapes, hot and cold, length, colour by number, longer, shorter, patterns, hot and cold, comparing, weather, days of week, heavier, lighter, area, 3D, balance, symmetry and extra pages with practice in writing numbers.


First Maths

Will be used in place of Signpost 1, the maths book currently being used.

It will provide more practice in writing and counting the numbers eleven to twenty and will contain 120 individual worksheets. Available soon


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