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Phonics/Reading & Writing

A Complete Australian Phonics Programme

A Complete Australian Phonics Programme for Homeschoolers


Many programmes claim to offer phonics but there is no other Australian programme which offers as much as this one.


          5 Phonics Books with step by step directions teaching


          Single sounds: a, b, c etc.

          Combining single sounds so that within eight sounds the child can read a simple paragraph and at the end of twenty-six single sounds the child can read a whole page.

          Multiple sounds: many sounds like a, e or ou have more than one sound.These are introduced in a logical sequence.

          Double sounds: ee, ea, th, ow, etc

          Spelling rules: e.g. f, l, s, z is doubled after a short vowel.

          Clear instructions on what to say and what to use.


          Reading is including in the book. (click here to view)


  • Writing Exercises

          Guided writing exercises that mirror those in the Phonics book

          Includes both capital and lower case letters.(click here to view)


  • Supplementary Sheets

          Sheets that mirror those in the Phonics books. (click here to view)


  • Activity & Craft Sheets

����� These sheets provide extension work in the form of craft and activity sheets. 

          Sheet with sound and picture to associate with the sound: small children are very visual. They find it easier to remember the sounds if there are pictures.

          Craftwork associated with the sound. In the first two packs there are more craft sheets than in later packs.

          Worksheets: extra practise is given in using the sounds. These also include word searches and crossword puzzles in kits 4 and 5.

          Revision sheets in addition to the work in the book.

          Test: revision test at the end of each pack to ensure all sounds have been����� mastered. In set 5 a revision test is included for all sounds previously used. (click here to view)


  • Optional Art Packs

����� Two art packs contain all the art and craft material needed for Activity & Craft Sheets 1-5.



This programme is inexpensive compared to many other programmes. The materials are available as five self-contained kits. Children start at their own level. Half of the material is re-useable for other children.


All work leads naturally into Grade one material


Complete details of all these books may be found listed in our catalogue under Phonics Kits.


The individual items may be purchased separately or as a complete kit.

The complete programme takes fifteen to eighteen months to complete.



Kit 1

Phonics 1

Activity & Craft Sheets 1

Art Pack 1

Signpost 1 (national edition) or Beginning Maths

Supplementary Sheets for Phonics 1

Writing Exercises


Example of reading  

Bob is the dog.

Beg, Bob, beg.

Beg to be fed.


Sounds taught

Each sound contains enough work for at least 5 days��������


a as in apple

c as in caterpillar

d as in dog

t as in tiger

f as in flower

short vowel e as in elephant

g as in grape

short vowel o as in octopus

s as in sun

short vowel i as in igloo

b as in bird

short vowel u as in umbrella

m as in monkey



Kit 2

Phonics 2

Activity & Craft Sheets 2

Supplementary Sheets for Phonics 2

Writing Exercises 2


Example of reading

Dad is not here.

Pam and Ted help Mum.

Dad has cut the logs.

A frog sits on the logs.

Lift the frog off the logs Ted.

Lift the logs for Mum.


Let Pam get the cups.

Let Pam dust.

Dot can rest in the pram

as we help Mum.

Yes, we can peg up the bibs.

No, we have not yet got the eggs.


Sounds taught

Each sound contains enough work for at least 5 days��������


p as in pig

n as in numbat

h as in horse

r as in ring

l as in ladybird

y as in yo-yo

w as in worm

k as in kangaroo

x as in box

v as in vet

j as in jug

z as in zebra

qu as in quilt



Kit 3

Phonics 3

Activity & Craft Sheets 3

Art Pack 2

Supplementary Sheets for Phonics 3

Writing Exercises


Example of reading

Ted and Pam meet Dad at the bus stop.

Mum has a cake and drink for Dad at home.

Dot is still asleep.

Bob and Pup yap as soon as they see Dad�s feet.

Mum comes to the gate to greet Dad.

They are glad he is home.


Sounds taught

Each sound contains enough work for at least 5 days��������


th as in three

ng as in ring

sh as in shell

wh as in wheat

ee as in bee

ar as in car

oa as in goat

multiple a as in short vowel a for apple

long vowel a as in cake

ah as in father

aw as in walk

short o as in squash

air as in mare

silent b as in lamb

multiple e as in short e as in leg

long e as in we

silent e as in cane

multiple h as in hill

silent h as in hour

multiple i as in short vowel as in igloo

long vowel as in ride

ee as in police

multiple y as yer as in yo-yo

long i as in fly

ee as in happy

short i as in cylinder



Kit 4

Practical Phonics Workbook 4

Craft & Activity Sheets 4


Sounds taught

each sound contains enough work for at least 5 days��������


multiple o as in short vowel as in ox

long vowel o as in slope

u as in mother

oo as in to

multiple u as short vowel as in hug

long vowel u as in use

other sounds of x asxs as in ox

z as in xylophone

x as in x-ray

silent w as in whom

kn as in knit

wr as in wrap

multiple ch as ch as in chop

k as in school

o as in mother

sh as in machine

multiple sounds of c as c as in cat

s as in cent

multiple sounds of g as g as in gum

j as in giraffe

ck as in k

dge as in j

tch as in ch

multiple ed sound as ed in batted

d as in wipes

t as in hiked

or as in store



Kit 5

Practical Phonics Workbook 5

Craft & Activity Sheets 5


Sounds taught

Each sound contains enough work for at least 5 days��������


multiple ie sound as I as in pie

ee as in thief

oi and oy as in boy

multiple ei and ey as ee as in key or receive

a as in they or vein

multiple o as in long sound as in boot

shorto sound as in foot

multiple ea as in long vowel ee as in tea

short vowel e as in head

long vowel a as in great

igh as i as in high

multiple ou as ow as in found

oo as in you

u as in touch

ole as in poultry

multiple ow sound as in cow

o as in show

multiple au sound as in Paul

short vowel o as in Australia

aw as in claw

multiple ew as oo as in crew

you as in new


4 spellings of or sound

or as in thorn

oy as in boy

oar as in soar

oor as in floor

our as in four

gn as in n

multiple gu as g as in guest

gw as in language

multiple ui sound oo as in fruit

you as in juice


Remaining sounds e.g. rh, ph, ps, pn, pt etc., are inappropriate for young children and are taught in taught grade 3 and 4.


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