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Notes for Overseas Customers

Notes for Overseas Customers

Notes for Overseas Customers

Australia has some of the best material in the world for both homeschooling and those helping children after school. We have many large publishers who have written especially for this market. Their material is generally cheap, self-instructional, interesting and contains answers. When the material is sent outside Australia it incurs no tax and therefore you will pay 10% less than the catalogue prices which helps pay for postage. In addition at present two Australian dollars are worth one US dollar,

While sequence may differ slightly, especially in mathematics, the Australian system allows children to learn more rapidly and retain the knowledge. Since Australia uses a spiral method of learning the work is built on year after year. This ensures that children do not forget the work and will complete essential work faster. The Easy Learn Maths, for example, is the best of its kind in the world. At present it has only been published to the end of primary school but the publisher is working hard to complete the series right through. For those in highschool the Understanding Maths series offers a step by step guide to higher mathematics. Extra practice is available through a series of other books.

Most books are workbooks and children gain a sense of achievement through being able to complete the book quickly. Textbooks, especially in primary school, can be daunting to a child as they feel that they will never complete the work. Tests are available to ensure that your child has completed all necessary work before progressing to the next level.

Our phonics programme is the best in the world. It contains a step by step guide which can be re-used for several children, craft and activity (worksheets) to reinforce the work and make it more fun (consumable), a text book with spelling rules which help a child to spell throughout their life (re-usable) and readers (reusable). Optional art packs are also available containing all the material required for the sheets. On completion, with a little practice, children are rapidly able to read anything. If English is not your main language then this programme, with the aid of the SPA in a Nutshell Tape to aid with pronunciation, will be of inestimable help as it also explains the spelling and pronunciation rules of the English language. (N.B. One person must be able to read English.)

For the older student phonics revision workbooks are also available. These review the sounds and rules at a more mature level.

We suggest that you test your child on a Language & Maths book for your child's previous grade. Answers are included and once completed you can either e-mail us for help and a quote or else use our quick grade guide to choose suitable books. 80% and above--choose books from the next level. 60%-80% choose books from the level tested. Below 60% go back at least one level--best to e-mail us.

Quick grade guides are intended to give you a step by step guide to material that needs to be completed for children with differing abilities. Since children can vary from subject to subject they may, for example, work in the list for the bright child in maths, but in the list for an average child for english. The term slow learner refers to the learning pattern of the child and bears no relationship to their intelligence.

Slow Learners

As many of these children have already failed we do not generally test them. They are mostly intelligent children with problems in english and/or maths. They are not stupid. The reason we do not test these children is simply because they have failed enough already and we will not willingly set up a child to fail again. Instead we prefer to receive an e-mail from you outlining the age of your child, their difficulties and a basic outline of what they do know. It may take several e-mails back and forth but we will help you choose material that will enable your child to learn. We generally begin with something that is too easy but which will become harder. Once a child begins to learn they cease to feel stupid and begin to realise how clever they really are. (For further details on slow learners read the Slow Learners Guide.)


The cost of your order may vary slightly from that quoted because of the following.

1. A ten percent Goods and Services Tax is payable within Australia. This will have been included in your origonal quote but will not be charged on your order.

2. The postage may be higher than quoted because the weight of the packaging has not been included in the calculation.

Returns Policy

If the goods are found to be faulty please notify us within 30 days of receipt of the goods and we will arange a replacement.

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